I know it is wintertime in Luxembourg right now but I am sitting here in the Zanzibar sun and want to bring you some summer feelings as well! So, this is why I want to share one of my favourite family sessions last year!

Summer is the time for sunshine, playing outside, and making happy memories. Last summer we had a super cool family photoshoot with these two adorable kids as the stars, and it all happened as the sun was going down. Let’s dive into the story of a family fun in the sun!

I absolutely love when photo shoots get a bit crazy and disorganized. That’s when people really let loose and show their true selves. The chaos brings out genuine emotions and personalities without any fake poses. It’s like capturing the real, unfiltered essence of each person. In the messiness, I find the most authentic and beautiful moments, where everyone is just being themselves, and that’s what makes my photos special.


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